The interest for quality, environment, health and safety, starts in every one of us. Each one is responsible for the safety performance of its own work, assuring the highest standard of quality and environment protection.

With this in mind we are always committed with the process that fits better as a solution to the problems presented to us by our clients; we are not compromised with systems, methods or specific brands of equipments.


It is Wastech’s policy to set and maintain very high standards for quality, health and safety in the workplace, and protection of the environment. Within the scope of this policy wastech intends to obtain the ISO 9002 certificate as soon as possible for each and all of its divisions. The quality manuals which will need to be prepared will also include guidelines for health and safety and the environment. Therefore the following basic rules apply to each and every one of us:

  • We at least comply with all statutory regulations in force in the field of quality, health and safety in the workplace, Transportation and protection of the environment;
  • We incorporate the quality, health and safety, and environmental aspects in all our activities at the earliest possible stage;
  • We create a working environment in which personal health and safety risks and hazards to the environment are reduced to a minimum;
  • We inform our clients concerning the quality health and safety, and environment aspects of the products and services supplied by us;
  • We give priority to the elimination of safety risks above all other risks;
  • We maintain open communications both internally and externally, concerning quality ,health and safety, and the environment;
  • We make clear, unambiguous and checkable agreements with our clients concerning specifications, price, delivery and completion times for our products and services;
  • We handle all complaints with care, while striving in all reasonableness towards a settlement with our clients;
  • We continue constantly work on improving quality , health and safety, and our environment policy;
  • The concern of quality, health and safety, and the environment begins with each of us. Everyone is therefore responsible for the safe performance of his or her duties, while safeguarding the highest standards of quality and environmental protection.
  • The management will see to it that these rules are observed and will support this with among other things information and training, and where necessary take action.
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