Our History

The economic sector that integrates WASTECH is fairly recent and very important characteristic for practical experience in the field is achieved for the performance of companies that provide services in the area of ​​Environmental Recovery and Final Disposal of hazardous industrial waste.

The first environmental restoration work done by our technical team began in September 1986 ending in mid-1992, during which about 100 cubic meters of oil sludge were removed from a “lagoon sludge oil” and treated and recovery of the hydrocarbons present and burning “in situ” waste of this process. Once removed and processed waste, the environment was fully recovered.

In the same period and at the same site another 36 cubic meters of sediment were removed from storage tanks of petroleum and derivatives, basins and water separators and oil and likewise benefit / recycled HCs recovery efficiency> 95%.

Once delivered these services and since 1993, other operations with smaller volumes but of equal or greater complexity (due to the hazardous waste) were requested by other companies based in the Northeastern Complex and by the Petrobras in Rio de Janeiro – Reduc where 45,000 tons of sludge were treated with oil recycling HCs present and also with efficiency> 95%, ie, from 45,000 t resulted only 5% of solid waste (pasty) to be disposed of in cement.

The WASTECH became an expert in the handling, pretreatment of industrial waste and destruction of oil and petrochemical derivatives showing great skill in producing oil recycling these materials recovered with similar quality to products sold by Petrobras itself, and organizing disposal operations of of waste recycling processes.

Demand for our other customers, market and other activities of current legislation passed permanently to our pace further explained that mainly the pretreatment of hazardous solid waste (comminution), as well as its specialized transportation and final destination via co-processing furnace clinker.

Pond oil sludgeREDUC - Rio de JaneiroManufacture of combistível from contaminated soil