Background EN

  • Since 1985 in the environmental Market – Project, manufacturing of special equipments, assembling and operation of waste treatment industrial units; more than 400.000 tons of several different types of wastes processed and properly destroyed;
  • Planning and management and physical execution of recycling and final destination operations.
  • “In-situ” Waste’s pre-treatment:> Volume reduction systems for liquid effluents, concentration by centrifugation, Filtration, evaporation…
    > Phases transformation,
    > Handling and conditioning for destination,
    > Special removals
  • State and Interstate Transportation of Hazardous wastes
    Systems for Transport Operations Management:> Drivers Health Control,
    > Safety drive training,
    > Preventive maintenance of vehicles,
    > Speed control,
    > GPS follow up,
    > Insurances for environmental rescues and environmental damages,
    > Ready-to-act services in case of accidents.
  • Hazardous Wastes Final Destination/destruction.> Thermal destruction feasibility studies,
    > Strategic studies for major waste’s liabilities elimination ,
    > Atmospheric emissions monitoring,
    > Wastes destruction via Co-processing in cement kilns,
    > Wastes incorporation in ceramic products,
    > Incineration of Toxic and explosive wastes,
    > Fuel-manufacturing starting from oil contaminated soils,
    > Wastes removal,
    > Soil decontamination.
  • Environmental Recovery> Degraded areas recovery – planning and execution.
  • Industrial Clean-up> Systems for sludge’s removal,> Special Dredging for bottom sludge’s removals in Aeration lagoons,
    > Sludge removal from tanks by thermal induction,
    > Clean-up of storage tanks, deaks, basins, ponds and industrial vases.
  • Consulting Services> Waste’s Final Destination Projects,> Waste management programs,
    > Thermal destruction feasibility studies,
    > Strategic studies for major waste’s liabilities elimination ,
    > Wastes destruction operations follow-up,
    > Final destination and transport operations licensing.
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